Brown Thrasher

– scientific name:  Toxostoma rufum
– Wingspan: 11-13 in. (Adult)
– Weight: 2-3 ounces
– Average Life Span: 12 years
– Habitat: Woodland edges, thickets, dense brush
– Diet: Carnivore (eats meat), primarily insects, also arthropods, fruits, nuts

– Coloring: Brown with dark streaking on their whitish underparts

– Breeding: Mate for life, typipcally. and both male and female take part in nest building

In the Patcong Creek…

Brown thrashers can live year round in New Jersey. They are not yet threatened or endangered, but are a  species of concern. Their greatest threat is habitat loss, so it’s important to  keep the Patcong Creek healthy and clean to maintain their nesting  area.