Peregrine Falcon

– scientific name:  Falco peregrinus
– Wingspan: 3 – 3.6 ft. (Adult)
– Weight: 0.75 – 2 lbs (male), 1.5 – 3.5 (female)
– Average Life Span: Up to 17 years
– Habitat: Wide range, but they thrive near coasts
– Diet: Carnivore (eats meat), primarily birds, also small mammals like bats

– Coloring: Young—heavily marked, vertical streaks, Mature–blue-gray top, horizontal bars underside white chest, dark face with streaks like sideburns

– Breeding: Mate for life, a pair returns to the same territory. Some nests last for generations.

Fastest animal

in the world!

In the Patcong Creek…

We have a peregrine falcon nest on Drag Island in Great Egg Harbor Bay. They are the fastest animal in the world, reaching speeds up to 240 miles per hour during dives.  They perch high to spot prey and can catch prey (birds & bats) mid-flight.