Bald Eagle

– scientific name:  Haliaeetus leucocephalus
– Wingspan: 6 – 8 ft. (Adult)
– Weight: 6.5 – 14 lbs
– Average Life Span: 28 years
– Habitat: Live near water, prefer coasts and lakes
– Diet: Carnivore (eats meat), primarily fish, also small mammals
– Coloring: Immature—dark colored until 5 years, Mature—grow their distinctive white markings
– Breeding: Mate for life, a pair works together to make one of the largest nests in the bird world.

In the Patcong Creek…

We have two pair of bald eagles nesting in the Creek. They breed here, which is so special since eagles had a hard time raising their young because of pesticide use. The DDT pesticide was banned and now bald eagles are  beginning to thrive again. There are plenty of fish and small mammals like muskrats in the Patcong Creek to feed these majestic creatures.