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Funds go to the Patcong Creek Foundation to continue our stewardship efforts.

Symbolic Adoptions Include:

1) A certificate with the name of the “foster” parent
2) Photograph of your critter species with fun facts
​3) Ability to tell us what you named your critter so we can post it on this web page

Thank you for your support of

New Jersey Endangered Species

& New Jersey Threatened Species

Adopt a Bald Eagle

We have a pair of Eagles that nest along Patcong Creek. They are frequently seen flying above the creek or nesting in the hardwood trees along the upland areas.


Adopt a Yellow-Crowned ​Night Heron

Populations declined throughout the 1980s. Habitat loss and degradation continues to threaten these beautiful birds.

New Jersey Estuary

Indicator Species


Adopt a Muskrat

Healthy muskrat populations require healthy marsh habitats. Disturbed marsh areas and environmental pollution will decline populations—showing there is a bigger problem.


Adopt a Blue Crab

Blue Crabs are our pride and joy. They are the reason we started this foundation to protect the Patcong Creek—a place they love to call home.

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Patcong Creek Foundation Foster Heroes and their Critters

Foster’s name: Lisa Bender
Foster’s Hometown: Somers Point, NJ
Creek Critter: Yellow-crowned Night Heron
Critter’s name: Goldie


Foster’s name: Ron Meischker
Foster’s Hometown: Somers Point, NJ
Creek Critter: Blue Crab
Critter’s name: Claws

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Patcong Creek Foundation

Patcong Creek Foundation is a 501c3 Nonprofit corporation dedicated to protecting the Patcong Creek—a precious natural resource in Southern New Jersey. We promote stewardship of Patcong Creek through ​education and community service. Join us as a member and support our cause.